Why Choose Us:

· Free parking facilities

· Low cost room rental

· Multiple room sizes and layouts

· Capacity of 10 to 60 people

· Kitchen Facilities

· Elevator to 1st floor

· All rates inclusive of electricity/water/council rates

For all your Training Needs

We would be delighted to speak with you to discuss your training/business needs, for more information and to arrange a meeting please contact our Community Centre Manager Deirdre on(057) 8645728. We are open Monday to Friday 9am to 10pm and weekends by request.



·  1 Day Rates:

     €120 – €160

·  Full Week Rates:

     € 370 – €410


Autumn/Winter 2016

Our Training Rooms

Here at Portarlington Community Centre, we offer both local/national training companies and businesses an excellent location to conduct training, interviews and meetings at very reasonable rates. Our training rooms provide a productive venue to host academic lectures, workshops, seminars, motivational speakers and much more in a central location with easy access to the M7 and Train Station, just 45 minutes from Dublin.

Customer Feedback

‘I used the The Portarlington Community Centre as part of a training programme where we delivered Retail Sales Training for LWETB, the facilities provided were of the highest standard, the centre is bright and comfortable and very well equipped to meet the needs of trainers and learners.’

-Sylvia Moriarty (Training Co-ordinator North West Computers/Compupac I.T. Solutions














Marketing Leaflet Email Design Template 1A little more about your Community Centre

The Portarlington Community Centre is a not for profit organisation that has been serving the needs of the local community since it opened in 1980. Until now the Centre has operated under a trustee ownership structure but it now it is Charitable Limited Company as this will serve its systems of internal governance better in the future.

The main objectives of the Centre are:

  • To foster a community spirit that promotes social, educational, cultural and recreational activities and services for all in our community irrespective of race, creed or gender.
  • To provide and maintain a quality facility that serves the needs of the local community.
  • To encourage local members to become involved in the life of the community, particularly those marginalised for whatever reason
  • To facilitate the provision of a wide range of programmes and activities at the Centre that is inclusive of the needs of the community.
  • To advance community welfare, including the relief of those in need by reason of youth, age, ill-health or disability
  • To provide opportunities to those in our community for re-training
  • To organise activities that promote the advancement of arts, culture, and heritage in our community.
  • To ensure the efficient and effective use of our Centre to assist local and national charitable organisations.
  • To provide a facility that allows all people, including people with disabilities, to access and fully use our Centre.


The Centre operates a fully integrated web-based accounts system This software has many benefits, including a system that supports budgeting and comprehensive management information that is a central pillar to Board of Directors/Management Committee systems of governance for the Centre. It also allows for remote access so that Board and Committee members have full access to financial information.

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